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Monday, October 27, 2014

Surprise / Miyawaki Sakura Mobame / Sep 22, 2014, 8:59 pm (JST)

Winter is coming soon, so it's getting dark pretty early now (^o^)

Just a short while ago when I boarded the airplane it was still completely light out,
but I was surprised that by the time we descended it was totally dark!

なんだか、冬になるとちょっとだけ一日が短く感じちゃいます…( ; ; )
だって、早く夜になるから( ; ; )
Somehow when winter comes it feels like the days get just a bit shorter... ( ; ; )
Well, because it becomes night earlier ( ; ; )

But the good thing about winter is that I enjoy delicious hot pot, which I love!
I'm weak with the cold, but because I can eat such tasty hot pot, I love winter (*゚v゚*)

The picture is me with no makeup!
Processing it and filtering it like this is cheating lol
That's what Paruru said on Instagram!  Haha

By the way, I look really young without makeup. lol