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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Milky (。・ω・。)

Originally Posted by Watanabe Miyuki at 2012-09-06 23:39:49


Konbanwatanabe (●´mn`)

It's Watanabe Miyuki (。・ω・。)

Today also, good work everyone \(^-^)/

Was it a good day?

I spent the day in a photoshoot ドキドキ

I can't tell you what the the photoshoot was about yet, but because the food from catering was delicious, I ate too much (lol)

It seems fast, but the day after tomorrow is a 2-shot event ドキドキドキドキ

Though I just had a handshake event the other day, recently I felt like I haven't had many chances to communicate with fans at handshake events, performances or other events, so I'm really happy to be able to participate this time! (;o;)

Because everyone always encourages me, somehow, not being able to meet is lonely. I don't really understand it, but it gives me the blues (sad, down, etc.) (;_q) Haha

Ah, I want to hurry up and meet ドキドキ


Well, in order to also put in my full energy tomorrow, I'm going to slowly go chapu chapu ドキドキドキドキ

Oyasumilky ⌒(。∵。)⌒Pyon♪ 

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Milky (。・ω・。)

Originally Posted by Watanabe Miyuki at 2012-09-06 07:57:46

Ohapopi  ドキドキ

It's Watanabe Miyuki (。・ω・。)

Yesterday, because starting from the afternoon all I did was a photoshoot,

I thought I would like to go buy various things,  
but in the end I didn't really go out that much (lol)

After the photoshoot was over, I went and bought contact fluid (●´mn`)

Oh, and I did my nails too (*´∀`*)

I just removed the transparent coating (´Д`) Haha

I didn't have much time, so I asked the nice designer (´Д`)ドキドキ  if she could do it in about 15 minutes
( > _ < )

After that, I went to Tokyo with Ripopo~ 新幹線

Today I'm going to spend the day in photoshoots \(^-^)/

It will be a fun day for everyone ドキドキ

Tons of smiles (o^-^o) 

This was Milky ⌒(。∵。)⌒Pyon♪

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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Originally Posted by Yamada Nana on 2012-09-05 21:58:37
Good afternoon Photobucket
It's Yamada Nana Photobucket Photobucket


I really like Jo's smiling face.

I really love the innocent Jo.

Graduation is lonely. 

The juniors that that I love, I still want to do many things with you, you know?

But, for the still young 13 years old Jo, who has experienced various things and considered various things, the result that came is not a cause for loneliness or something that we can stop.

From now, I think I'll wait for Jo, who had so much potential/possibilities in the past.

In the past, when we went to watch the 2nd generation's lesson, Jo, who spoke more than anyone and pushed everyone was really cool and attractive.

Even though she was pampered and a crybaby (lol)

But that Jo was really cute Photobucket Photobucket

There's probably only a little time left, but I want to make more memories Photobucket

Jo, let's go to karaoke with just us 2 again, ok? Photobucket
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Milky (。・ω・。)

Originally Posted by Watanabe Miyuki on 2012-09-05 00:42:45


Konbanwatanabe ドキドキ


It's Watanabe Miyuki (。・ω・。)

Today from the morning I had a filming session for Docking48. (´Д`)ドキドキ

I met with Jo and talked.

It was the usual smiling face.

But I'm bad at showing my emotions so I smile no matter what the time or place. Jo is also always smiling, but
today, was she pushing herself to smile? Like that, I was worried.

But if Jo wants to come back, she can come back tomorrow or anytime!

Therefore, I want Jo to try hard and keep at it to her heart's content, even if it's a different path.

No matter what road she chooses

if she keeps her smile, I think happiness will come.
Let's both try our best! (^-^)!!

And then tonight was the Seishun Girls stage, which I haven't done in a while!!!!

I was nervous and my body was trembling ((((;゜Д゜)))


Thank you to everyone that supported me (*/ω\*)


Somehow, surprsingly,
Yokoyama Yui-san, who has a concurrent position, came to the NMB48 theater to greet us!!!

Yui-san, who's amazingly reliable, kind and elegant, from now on, please take care of me!!

By the way, right now I've already returned  (´Д`)

From now, I have to prepare for tomorrow's lodging  ( > _ < )

Well then,

Oyasumilky ⌒(。∵。)⌒Pyon♪  

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Milky (。・ω・。)

Originally Posted by Watanabe Miyuki on 2012-09-04 01:21:37

Konbanwatanbe ドキドキ

It's Watanabe Miyuki (。・ω・。)

Today from morning I'm been in a photoshoot in Kumano, my grandma's hometown (*´∀`*) (Translator's Note: It's actually her great grandma's hometown, now that we know of the existence of her solo photobook and Milky's comments towards it. However, in this sentence she only said grandma so I'm leaving it as is)

It's been a long time since I've been here ドキドキ

As I thought, for me, a "grandma's child," I'm really happy!

On returning, I entered a hot spring (●´mn`)

That's right!
12 nights away from home have ended!

At last, home! ドキドキドキドキ

Oyasumilky ⌒(。∵。)⌒Pyon♪


This is late, but a while ago I heard that Jo had announced her graduation.

Jo's graduation is honestly really sad.

Jo is someone that NMB needs.

Again and again I tried to stop her but Jo has made her decision so all I can say is "Good luck! Keep at it! Do your best!"

In order to fulfill your dreams again, come back, ok?


it's lonely...

Everyone's waiting for you.

Always waiting.

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Milky (。・ω・。) Handshakes and Pictures

Originally Posted by Watanabe Miyuki on 2012-09-03 00:43:08
Konbanwatanabe ドキドキ
It's Watanabe Miyuki. (。・ω・。)

Today AKB48's album 1830m's individual handshake event and sales commemoration 2-shot event was held \(^-^)/

I had fun from the bottom of my heart, and seeing everyone come with smiles heals me (*´∀`*)

To me, everyone's smiling faces from the many different places are a source of power (´Д`)

That's something that not only fans that support me do, but also everyone that helps to sustain me. (Translator's Note: This sentence is very complicated, so it's a bit of a simplification, but Milky is basically thinking about the people behind the scenes like the staff, managers, and AkiP in addition to fans)

That's why I'm also full of smiles, occasionally mess around, and continuing on, want to pass the time having fun with everyone. ★
And then and then, keeping with tradition,
air handshake ドキドキドキドキドキドキ 

Please grasp both of these hands ドキドキ Haha

Well then, I'm going to try to wake up early!
Oyasumilky ⌒(。∵。)⌒Pyon♪
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

NANA☆Dressed Up.

Originally Posted by Yamada Nana on 2012-09-02 23:05:57

It's Yamada Nana, nickname Nanatan. Photobucket

Today at Tokyo Big Site was the album 1830m's photo and handshake events ( ´∀`)

I was also in the album in the song named Itsuka Mita Umi no Soko (The Ocean Bottom I Saw One Day) as part of the upcoming girls. ☆

However, only the people that won the lottery for both the handshake event and 2-shots were able to take pictures...

Did everyone enjoy themselves Photobucket ?

There were a lot of people that watched Geinin!, so it was a day I was made fun of, haha.

I was mostly the straight man (in comedy) Photobucket

Well, the last episode wasn't all a script, it was me and the funny man (in comedy) reacting to each other, haha.

Today's plain clothes are these.


one spo's one piece that I liked as soon as I saw it Photobucket

one spo is a really popular store among members  Photobucket


By the way the black area around the collar is from a tank top's collar that's attached Photobucket

It's possible to wear only the one piece, but like this, it gives off a girly feeling so isn't it good?

And then the bottom flutters and spreads like a pannier Photobucket

And the feet is like this.


In reality, I was looking for red enamel shows, but because I could only find heels I gave up.

Because of course, by wearing heels at a handshake event, my feet would soon start to hurt Photobucket

This is ESPERANZA. Photobucket

As expected, red fits better  ( ノД`)

Well, there's still a chance next time Photobucket

Today is the end of a long time away Photobucket

At last I can return to the home that I love~!

My mom made the hotpot that I love and is waiting for me, so I want to hurry up and go home Photobucket

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NANA☆shopping code…

Originally Posted by Yamada Nana on 2012-09-02 01:01:17

Good evening Photobucket

It's Yamada Nana, nickname Nanatan ♪

Suddenly I got a day off today again、so I went out by myself Photobucket

I feel refreshed Photobucket Photobucket

Being able to go anywhere by myself、I'm kind of like an adult? Haha

That adult me,
to prevent sunburn, I chose clothes with long sleeves (Haha)

INGNI Special Photobucket

By the way, on my days off I don't wear makeup so to prevent sunburn a hat is essential!
Haha, that was a pun, wasn't it? (Translator's Note: It's not a pun in English obviously, but the Japanese word for "prevention" (防止) is pronounced the same way as the word for hat (帽子), both "boushi.")

Tomorrow is the first handshake session in a long time, ehPhotobucket

Furthermore, it seems like people who won the lottery will be able to take pictures with their phones Photobucket (Translator's Note: This is likely referring to the special 2-shot events where you walk in, hand your phone to the staff member and you can take a picture with the member)
 It's really been a long time so I'm looking forward to it Photobucket

Then, because the news program that I love has started, I'm going to watch it to get all the breaking news about all the baseball teams. (。-∀-)

Good night。


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