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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Furuhata Nao Blog / Wonderful Osmanthus / Oct 16, 2014

Good evening,
Team KII’s Furuhata Nao here.

I had K2’s stage performance today.

Just as what Usagi (Yamada Mizuho) said,
it has been 3 years since the formation
of the 5th gen.

In the picture, I’m with
Usagi and Yuuchan (Ego Yuuna)

It’s been 3 years since then,
it feels so fast.

Despite the rough sailing 3 years,
I’ve felt very accomplished.

I’ll trust that you’ll continue (to support us) for the 3rd year.

To everyone who came down
and everyone else who supported us,
thank you very much.

The K2 stage performance was a blast!

The osmanthus that’s blooming at my house

I was shocked to find out that
there were osmanthuses at my house.

It seems that my mother had been
secretly raising them behind my back!

Their fragrance was really wonderful
I’ve been smelling the fragrance of
osmanthus all this while~ *laugh*

I want to be surrounded by osmanthuses
and eat sandwich or something like that one day

So serene~

☆ Questions from everyone ☆

Ever since you joined SKE48, have you felt nervous?

Hmm, yes.
But I’ve already been nervous a lot of times so
I’m able to muster up my confidence, so there isn’t
much situations that’d make the butterflies in my tummy flutter…

Recently there’s a lot of last minute things so
over some time I’m not able to gain enough confidence
so to me last minute events are quite
nerve wrecking *laugh*

To everyone who asked questions,
thank you all very much.
I’m constantly looking out for questions.

I’ll be waiting for your questions.

To everyone who
read, liked or commented
on my AmeBlog,
thank you very much.

You’ve worked hard for today yet again.

なお ♯399