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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When feeling down / Nakanishi Yuuka Blog / Jul 23, 2014, 11:31 pm (JST)

Good evening, Nakanishi here!

I was talking to Umechan, Umemoto Madoka, some time back…

Nakanishi: “Umechan, do you feel down if you were to screw up? (・ω・) ”

Umemoto: “There are times when I feel down after screwing up but…

I would cheer for myself and then I’d get back on my feet again!! (Smiles as brightly as the sun)”

( ?д?)

What’s with this sense of self-sustenance!!! ( ?д?)

It’s probably that! Casting Kearu on myself!!! (t/n: kearu is the spell 'cure' in final fantasy)

Umechan is the White Magician ( ^ω^ )

Umechan’s support power sure is powerful isn’t it…

I should get Umechan to cheer for me when I’m feeling down (°_°)

Well then, sweet dreams ♪