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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

♪ Lots of notices ♪ / Ego Yuuna Blog / Jul 30, 2014, 10:45 am (JST)

Good morning ヽ(=´▽`=)?

I have lots of notices today!


Today’s the release date for SKE48’s 15th single Bukiyou taiyou

I’ve been recorded for Team KII’s Sayonara kinou no jibun!

Watch the MV, it might leave you shocked! *laugh*

You’ll be able to see a different KII!

I want to showcase this somewhere as soon as possible ♪

Type A’s special video [Team S no kiseki] also has me in it!

I wonder if you’ll be able to watch the last live at Zepp Nagoya after the team reformation?

I’ve also not watched it yet so Yuuna wants to do so soon!

Please do check Bukiyou taiyou

And second!

… I wanna talk about it but I wrote so much for my first point so I think I’ll write about it in my next blog post (>_<)

Will you all catch my next blog post?

Please treat me well today!