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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tanaka Miku Google+ / May 8, 2014, 5:48 pm (JST)

Konnichibanmikurin (((o(゚▽゚)o)))!

笑顔の練習頑張ってますよ(・ω・)ノ! まだ、きごちないけど…(>人<;)
I'm hard at work practicing my smile (・ω・)ノ! Although it's still stiff...(>人<;)

And then...

Today is Team KIV-san's shonichi! (Translator's Note: I expect most of you know the word by now, but shonichi refers to the first day of stage, in this case Team KIV's Theater no Megami)

とてもワクワクドキドキですね(^ ^)!
I'm so excited for it my heart is pounding (^ ^)!

チームKⅣさん! 初日公演おめでとうございます♪
Team KIV-san! Congratulations on your shonichi♪
Talk to you later~!

Mikurinrin (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)!