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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Having fun with K2 / Furuhata Nao Blog / July 19, 2014, 11:02 pm (JST)

Good evening,
Team K2’s Furuhata Nao here.

I’ve read the comments.

Thank you all very much
for saying that you’ve seen it… (The recent Young Gangan)
I was over the moon

I was glad that there’s also people who’ve seen it. (As in others who chanced upon it)
Thank you very much!

This is an off-shot from it

(She wrote summer break)

We had 2 K2 stage performances today.

The first was the afternoon performance
but (the crowd) got even more pumped up
in the second half, I’m so glad.

I got to talk more (smoothly)
Getting more used to it recently~

I was my first K2 stage performance
with Goudo-chan, she’s so cute.

She makes me feel sorta relaxed,
I don’t know how to put it but
her smile made me very happy

It was fun getting to talk to her
during the self-introductions too!

The left is Goudo-chan
and the right is Arai-chan

I hope Annya gets well soon.

The 2nd performance was Riho-san’s seitansai

It was so funny to see that
all of Riho-san’s fans are
just as high as she is *laugh*

We’ve not had such a
high-spirited stage performance before.
I guess that’s Riho-san for you then

Riho-san is a very kind,
funny, nice-smelling and
my treasured senior in SKE48
who would keep saying that I’m cute.

A very happy birthday to you
I hope for a very wonderful
year ahead.

To everyone who came down
and those who supported us,
thank you very much.

You’ve worked hard again today .

Questions from you

☆ What did you use to do during summer breaks ☆

During elementary school, I would wake up
daily and go to the park to do the radio exercises.
I woke up early with an empty stomach

During middle school, all I did
was my club activities, it was the most
important thing for me so I did it from dawn till dusk

I was the saxophone representative
then by the way.
It was really fun then

Thank you very much for
reading, liking and commenting
on my AmeBlog.

You’ve work hard again today.