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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miyawaki Sakura, A 16-Year-Old's Perspective on Studying

Background: The following conversations were posted on 755, a social media service much like ask.fm in which people can ask the account holder questions and they can answer for everyone to see. These few Q&A were so insightful that they hit Twitter among Japanese fans, being retweeted hundreds of times. This prompted a separate article by AKB48 Matomember, a very popular website among 48 Group fans as an aggregator of information.

755:  Studying is difficult. I'm worried about my entrance examination on March 2nd...help! What should I do in the month left? Please motivate me

Miyawaki Sakura: I'm reminded of something my cram school teacher told me when I only had one month left before entrance exams.
There's still a lot to life after this. In this last month, study like your life depends on it. The people that can't even persevere for one month won't be able to persevere for a whole year. Those that can't try hard for one year won't be able to try hard for ten years. And those that can't give their all for ten years won't be able to give their all at life. That's what he/she said.

I didn't want to live a life with regrets, so for that one month I studied my butt off!

755: My entrance exam is in a month, but I can't concentrate. Do you have any secret methods for concentrating?

Miyawaki Sakura: When studying is painful, we always wonder, "Will what we're studying now really be useful in the future?," right?
However, I think it is helpful. Of course, there are people like researchers and philosophers who have jobs involving thinking that are directly beneficial, but even for idols or salarymen, in which what we're learning or picking up may not be directly applicable, I think there's a point to it all.

That's because until the day we reach our goal, there will be many obstacles we need to clear. Thinking in this way, and contemplating on what you should do right now to get closer to that goal, I think studying becomes easier. I believe those who can learn are able to because they don't study blindly, they have a clear idea of what needs to be done now and an accurate estimation of how far they are from the finish line.

Even if we study in this way, there will come a day when we won't be able to anymore, so it's surely to our advantage to do so while we can!

755: Sakuratan, that was said beautifully. Were you someone who could study?

Miyawaki Sakura: I liked studying 

755: How does one come to like studying???

Miyawaki Sakura: My activities came as a result of my natural inquisitiveness and curiosity. Why is this the answer? Why is that answer wrong?
Because of my curiosity and inquisitiveness, even now, when I find the solution to a problem I couldn't answer before, I get a feeling of satisfaction that it was worth solving!
No matter what it is, whether you're bad at it or even if you hate it, you have to cast away the preconception that nothing will come of it if you make effort towards it. Instead, make an honest effort towards it and you'll come to like it~! That's what I believe.

755: Of course each course is different, but actually, if you don't find exams boring you can enjoy learning. High school students, please try your best~! College life is fun!

Miyawaki Sakura: Exams are fun too, right?!
After all, I can test myself up to this point~! Moreover, if you give it your all you can see noticeable results.  That also means if you don't persist, the parts you didn't try hard at will come back with bad scores. 
I feel like exams are a mirror unto yourself.

755: Sakura-chan, you really say amazing things. I'm also a student who's getting ready to take exams. I'll seriously keep on going these last two months before graduation exams.

Miyawaki Sakura: Whatever it is, if you seriously give effort you'll win

755: I think because of Sakuratan's words, the number of people that will try harder for their exams increased. That's wonderful!!

Miyawaki Sakura: I'm happy if I was even a little bit helpful

Source: http://akb48-matome.blog.jp/archives/51956417.html