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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sakaguchi Riko Google+ / Jun 6, 2015, 11:09 pm (JST)

41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

I, Sakaguchi Riko, ranked in Next Girls as #37! (;_;)

From HKT48 Aoichan, Nacchan, Love-san, Kyappu, Madoka-san, Sakura-san, Meru, Mio, Haruppi-san, and ranking for the first time Naochan, Kanna, Jiina, Maichan. Many members were called!! And Sasshi-san!!! Congratulations for being #1 (゚v゚)♡

To all the fans who always support me, and to everyone who voted for me, thank you so much!

When I got #17 in the preliminary result I was very surprised! And I had my name called in the final results as well. Thank you. I cannot thank you enough. Besides, I went up a lot from last year’s #60 to #37. I’m so happy!!!! (>_<)♡ When I was called I was very happy, I had a full smile!

I didn’t reach my goal of entering Undergirls, but more than that, more than anything else, in this Sousenkyo I could really feel the love from the fans (;_;)

That makes me happy! I love you all!

During the Sousenkyo season I was extremely nervous. I felt some pressure specially because I had a good start in the preliminary result.

But in handshake events fans told me directly: “Relax, because we’re here”. Many people also said things like “I promoted you to my acquaintances and friends!”… Many times these kind words and looks cheered me up.

I can say that from ranking last year until now, I have experienced both sadness and happiness together with you. When I didn’t join the HKT senbatsu, instead of being sad what I thought about the most was what should I do next time. Even though I didn’t reach my goal of senbatsu, there were still many happy things. The fact that I seized those chances is connected to my ranking #37 today. I think that once again the fans made me believe in myself!

I will keep doing my best as usual, so I count on your support!!!!!

Next Girls! Kyappu is the center and there are many HKT members! I’m happy! Last year in Future Girls, this year in Next Girls, next year for sure I’ll reach the goal of Undergirls!! (Just declaring next year’s goal like no big deal…)

To the fans who took me to the Fukuoka Dome stage in my hometown, to that wonderful place I hadn’t seen before: you’re my pride! I love you!

And you won’t regret voting for me!

I count on your support!

Sakaguchi Riko