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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kanon and Oshirin at Team-S-Stage! / Miyazawa Sae SKE-Blog / June 24, 2015, 11:59 pm (JST)

毎度お馴染みの おしりん❤と、
At today's Team S-Stage,
the always familiar Oshirin♥
and Kanon♥ participated in a different team's stage for the 1st time!!!! *\(^o^)/*
When members from other teams enter, the atmosphere of the members changes, and also the one from the customers, I really love this changes.

Of course! I also love Team S-only stages!
Because in S we are only 16 members, so when we can't align all, for stages other member help us out, and recently also Kenkyuusei help us.
Because I think the sense of responsibility of the members that appear as unders is really big, I'm moved every time. ...>_<...

At the stage the day before yesterday,
the Senbatsu-Members for SKE48's new single "Mae no meri", that will be released on August 12th, were announced.
I'm thankful that I am allowed to be in Senbatsu also this time.
Since the time of AKB, I never thought it was obvious I would be among Senbatsu-Members.
But, recently I feel the feeling of "Senbatsu-Member" is much stronger in SKE than in AKB.
Being able to become Senbatsu-Member, it's not only a fun thing,,,
but being elected as Senbatsu-Member, also can increase the troubles,,,
Now, for me, I can't understand the feelings of the members who couldn't enter Senbatsu.. So it'll take time until I can answer the consultations.
私は全然すごくないですよ( ̄▽ ̄)
Even though SKE-Members and fans often tell me I'm a "great person",,,
I'm not great at all.
Despite passing the auditions for AKB's 2nd Generation by coincidence, I'm not great at all. ^o^
Since I entered AKB almost 10 years ago, I probably have done more things and have more experience than the most people, but I didn't obtain many of those,,, to be honest, I can't tell that I grabbed them by chances or luck.
I just enjoy the activities in this group from various angles. (*^_^*)

The things I'm not good enough at are still high as a mountain, and after leaving the nest here, I don't feel I can survive in this world, and recently I'm depressed when I see same-aged actors' and actresses' success in media... I think it would be nice if I could have lots of technique and knowledge. "Does everyone has hardships? I'm sure the have hardships too... " I think 
I'm surely no lucky person, and now there are no chances in front of me, so since I have to compete with the skills, I live with the challenge of the "things I can do" every day.

By the way, because I wanted to do a "Natural"-Stage today, I used just a little bit make-up and foundation, just a bit paint on the cheeks, I wonder how I presented my self while not thinking during the performance... I tried to view objectively.
I always give the theater-performances a title for myself.

たっぷり笑顔公演 とか、
あまり笑わない公演 とか、
ひたすら歌だけ頑張る公演 とか、
ひたすらダンスだけ頑張る公演 とか、、、♪
Like today's "Natural",
or "Plenty of Smile",
or "Few smiles",
or "Earnestly work hard just for singing",
or "Earnestly work hard just for dancing".
Giving such titles, it feels like a pretty good self-reflection after it finished.

,,, I forgot what I wanted to tell because I suddenly started the story... lol
Even though I talked without thinking at the Sousenkyo-Speech, because I'm really grateful for "SKE", I'll do my best to show this gratefulness in various scenes from now on!!!!!!!
And I'm,,,
going to do my best for the juniors we have to raise.

この間の全国ツアーin岩手 の時の夜、、、
一色せんせい と、上村せんせい が私の部屋に遊びに来た。(笑)
A while ago, during the night of the Nationwide-Tour in Iwate,,,
Isshoki-sensei and Kamimura-sensei came to my room. lol
It consists somehow of conversation and somehow of space of strong love and fun,,, I forgot my age despite the age-gap to these two is 10 years (°_°) Scary. lol
These kids, I will teach them firmly with the other members so they will be promoted to Team S soon (^.^)

ドラフト1期生・チームS 松本慈子は、今日の公演で《西野カナさんちかなりきっていました。
Good Luck!!!!!!
Isshoki Rena!!!!
Kamimura Ayuka!!!
And, it was just all about the 7th Gen and the 2nd Gen-Draftees,
but today Team S-1st-gen-draftee Matsumoto Chikako was really excited.

私の世代だと、この髪型は《安室奈美恵さん》なんだけどなぁ、、、(笑)ジェネレーションギャップかな?(゚O゚)\(- -;
今日のテレ東の歌番組で選抜メンバーのアンダーに大抜擢された ちかこ❤
In my generation, this hairstyle was "Amuro Namie-san" but,,, (lol) but it's probably generation gap?
Chikako is really pampered by the seniors, it's really great I think.
because Chikako was the only Draftee in Team S, at the beginning she was probably unsure and lonely, but,,, the environment where she couldn't consult anyone made her to what she is now I think.
This is Chikako who was under for Senbatsu-Member in today's TV-Tokyo-Music Program♥
I'm looking forward to see how this girl is showing her effort in many ways from now on!

This first blog after long time
has somehow become long, but,
Thank you everyone who read it!
It suddenly appears to me that I was forgotten by everyone. lol
Miyazawa Sae