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Monday, June 8, 2015

Akiyoshi Yuka Google + / Jun 7, 2015, 11:16 pm (JST)

I got a flower bouquet from my relatives lol.

The Senbatsu Sousenkyo and the post event. Arigatounshuumikan ♪

To tell the truth… Yesterday at home I was crying the whole time.

I believed for sure that I could rank! That I could laugh with everyone!

Extremely… frustrating. Really, I felt that I just needed a little more to get there.

This year, thanks to you all I ranked in the preliminary result, and my dark feelings became brighter.

I am very grateful to the fans who always support me!

It was a big step forward for me.

Thank you.

I couldn’t say “arigatounshuumikan” on stage (;_;)

Next year I’ll already be in high school.

If there’s a Sousenkyo, I want to fight again together with you.

I want to see the view from the stage!

I want to do what I can, in my own way, to become someone worthy of it.

15 HKT48 members ranked!


I am really happy they ranked because everyone are comrades! (^^)

Jiina’s speech was funny, specially because she was so moved!

And Sasshi-san!!!! Congratulations on being #1!

Actually I wholeheartedly voted for Sasshi-san! She’s a senpai I admire! I’ll keep on following her!

So happy!

To the fans who supported me, to my father, grandma, grandpa, relatives, friends, teachers who encouraged me.

Thank you so much.

The bouquet was given to me by my relatives who came to watch the concert today!

I have a lot to do yet, so I’ll make a fresh start with a feeling of humility, without forgetting the gratitude to the people around me!

I didn’t get a good result in this Sousenkyo.

But it was a wonderful event where I united with fans and we deepened our bonds.

I want to keep on making many good memories with everyone.

I want to keep on walking step by step!

I love you all!! Arigatounshuumikan!!!!