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Monday, June 1, 2015

Article / Miyawaki Sakura declares "I will tear down the gods," Takahashi and Kashiwagi squeal

AKB48の高橋みなみ、横山由依、柏木由紀、HKT48の指原莉乃、宮脇咲良が2日、東京・千代田区のアーツ千代田3331にて行われた「AKB48 選抜総選挙ミュージアム」オープニングセレモニーに出席した。
AKB48's Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui and Kashiwagi Yuki and HKT48's Sashihara Rino and Miyawaki Sakura attended the opening ceremony of the AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Museum held at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Chiyoda City, Tokyo on the 2nd.

In preparation for the event this weekend, the four girls enthusiastically wrote down their wishes on wooden plaques. Miyawaki Sakura's revelation of her plaque with the declaration, "I will tear down the gods!," signaling her intention to enter the Top 7, was met with squeals and cheers of "Whoa!" and "Ohh!" from the other four.
Sashihara admired Miyawaki's magnificent declaration saying that it was well said. Miyawaki explained passionately, "It's because I'm aiming to enter Kami 7," smiling.

絵馬に「努力は必ず報われる 言おうかなやむ。」と書いた高橋は、「去年、(宮脇)咲良はうまかった」と昨年11位で選抜入りを果たした際の宮脇のスピー チを賞賛。スピーチの内容を事前に大体は考えておくという宮脇は、指原から「じゃあ咲良は今年何位用を考えてるの?」と聞かれると、「神7用です」と答 え、4人からは「おお〜」と再び感嘆の声があがった。
Takahashi, who had written "Effort will definitely be rewarded. Should I be saying this?" on her plaque, remarked, "This past year, Sakura did splendidly," and praised her speech from last year when she attained 11th place. Directing a question to Sakura who had spent a long time preparing what to say last year, Sashihara asked, "Well then, what place do you think you'll get this year?" Miyawaki replied, "Kami 7," and was again met with four voices of wonderment.
(TL Note: Takamina's remarks are also a pun, since the Japanese word for "splendidly" here is also the same pronunciation for "horse," which is what the kanji for the wooden plaques are, literally "drawing horse." See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ema_%28Shinto%29)

Also, Sashihara, who got 1st place in the preliminary rankings, wrote "I won't lose to Yukirin~" in a declaration of war to Kashiwagi, who was 2nd. Kashiwagi, who hasn't cried on stage before, wrote "I want to cry," clarifying that she wants to be so happy with the result that she cries.

「AKB48 選抜総選挙ミュージアム」は同会場にて6月3日(水)から6月21日(日)まで開催。立候補した総勢272名のメンバーのな選挙ポスターや意気込 みを書いた色紙、これまで第1位に輝いたメンバーの肖像画や一位の“椅子”など、総選挙の全てを体感できる展示が並ぶほか、6月6日に福岡ヤフオクドーム で開催される開票イベントのパブリックビューイング、立候補メンバーによるスペシャルステージなど、ファン参加型のプログラムも多数用意される。
The AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Museum will be open in the same place from June 3 (Wednesday) until June 21 (Sunday). The campaign posters of the 272 members who declared candidacy, their wishes on slips of colored paper, the portraits of all the members who've gotten 1st place so far and the throne will all be available for public viewing in an exhibition designed for people to experience everything there is about the sousenkyo to be held June 6 at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome. Members who announced candidacy will also be appearing in special stages from time to time, as well as special programs for fans to participate in.

Source: http://tokyopopline.com/archives/42636