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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Haruppi's Letter to Sakura for her Seitansai / May 2, 2015 (JST)

Dear Sakura,

Happy 17th Birthday!

It's been half a year since you've been back to Fukuoka, huh? Welcome home.

You've been so busy since Kouhaku at the end of last year that we haven't been able to meet, but
because of Meijiza, lately we've been able to spend time together again. I couldn't be happier. It's just normal, everyday conversation and we talk as if nothing has changed, but I'm so content.

I believe I can do my best when you're next to me. Even though we're in the same generation, you're someone really special.

"Haruppi, you're my comrade in arms." You said that to me. When you did, I thought of us as two friends joining forces to fight. I wanted our relationship to be one in which together we knocked over any obstacles in front of us one by one, spurring each other on as we struggled.

Our dream of being double centers came true. With just you at my side, I can have peace of mind. Thanks for everything, always.

I pray that from here on more of our dreams will come true as we bring HKT48 to higher heights together. With that, I'll end my letter here, with my feelings of gratitude to the 17-year-old Miyawaki Sakura and my wishes for you to flourish even more.


Kodama Haruka

Disclaimer: This translation is based off of a transcript of the letter that someone on Twitter linked me to. I was hoping either Sakura or Haruppi would post a picture of the letter themselves like last year, but since that hasn't happened in either of their latest G+ posts, there's only this for now. If they do post it eventually and there's any corrections that need to be made, I'll amend my translation here.