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Friday, August 8, 2014

Tanaka Miku Google+ / May 19, 2014, 10:11 pm (JST)

Konbanmikurin (^o^)/!

Today was a Seishun Girls stage!

髪の毛は、いつもと違ってストレートにおろしましたよ。 はじめてやってみたの。 そしたら、メンバーのみんなから大人っぽい ねって言われたぁ(((o(゚▽゚)o)))
I changed my hair by letting it down straight. It's the first time I did it. Then, all the members told me I looked adult-like (((o(゚▽゚)o)))

昨日話してた、美久の休みに行ってた自然の場 所は、マス釣りの場所なんですけど、全国名水 100選に選ばれてる釣り堀屋さんです。
The place I talked about yesterday, the nature spot I went to on my days off, is a mass fishing location that's also known nationally for it's mineral water, enough to be selected among a 100 different places.

It's a fish pond called "Kakibaru Youmasujyou!"

さかなに臭みがなく、美久は塩焼きが好きです (≧∇≦)
Without the bad smell of fish, Miku loves grilling them with salt (≧∇≦)

機会があれば、行ってみて下さいねー( ̄^  ̄)ゞ!
If you have a chance, go check it out ( ̄^  ̄)ゞ!

Well then, Mikumonmon *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(゚▽゚)'・