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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Untitled / Miyawaki Sakura Mobame / Jan 19, 2016, 8:42 pm (JST)

Somehow I still haven't been able to organize my thoughts on what I want to say about Raira's graduation, so I'm just going to write about it here in SakuMail...

One after another, it's only been really good girls graduating... It's heartbreaking.
Oh, I don't mean to imply anything bad about the girls remaining though!

The courage needed to graduate is monumental, isn't it?
They're deciding by themselves to first take the next step alone. I can't even imagine an environment in which I'm not surrounded by members, not to mention working by myself.

Even now when I have to take jobs alone, I'm still nervous and think about how I want to see the other members. If you graduate, you won't be able to have silly conversations with the members as usual, you may even forget about the others from time to time, and that's scary to me.

That's why I think it takes a remarkable amount of fortitude to choose to graduate for one's future.
Once it's decided, all I can do is see them off.

But, I don't want to keep losing friends.

One year ago in my sousenkyo speech, I said that I love how no one in HKT gives up. I was thinking about whether that's really the case right now.

I'm thickheaded so I don't know when people are troubled. Honestly, I had no idea Raira was going graduate.

I want to get to know members much more. I probably won't be able to spot when people are disturbed, but I can do things like talk with them, and eat with them.

 If these little things add up, maybe someone's mind can be changed...

I...don't want to have to say farewell to anyone else.