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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Suzu・∀・ran < Mariyagi's and Akicha's Graduation Concert / Yamauchi Suzuran Blog / Jan 22, 2016; 0:03 am (JST)

Who do you love most?
Only Ranran!
I also just like you♥
I'm Yamauchi Suzuran aka Ranran!

今日は大好きなまりやぎさんと、同じチームBだった、あきちゃさんの卒業コンサートに参加させていただきました^ ^
Today I was allowed to participate in the graduation concert for my beloved Mariyagi and for Akicha-san, with who I was in the same Team B^^
First of all, I'm thankful that I was allowed to join as member of the same generation! Thank you!

いつも通りでいいんだって^ ^
How will the graduation of a member of my generation feel?... I couldn't imagine it, and didn't know which face I should show on stage, and how I should talk to Mariyagi. But when the 9th generation gathered, I thought.
The best is to do it like always ^^
まりやを包む雰囲気が凄く柔らかくて、卒業に近づいていく刻一刻が悲しいものではなくて、自信にあふれているまりやを見ていたら、なんだか逆に元気をもらえた^ ^
The atmosphere around Mariyagi is really soft, and as we got closer to the graduation, there wasn't a sad moment, and when I saw Mariyagi overflowing with confidence, I also got strength ^^
Mariya is awesome.
She is full of confidence that her own dream will come true bit by bit.

When I came to SKE, Mari-chan's power helped me.
Even though I was supposed to send off Mariyagi with lots of thankfulness today, I also learned various things instead >_<
I'm really happy that I was in the same generation as Mariya, and that she was at my side, and that we became friends.

たくさん叶いますように^ ^
まりや、お疲れ様^ ^
I hope Mariyagi's dreams
will all come true^^
At last,
Mariya, good job^^
And lets work hard together from now on too.