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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tanaka Miku Google+ / Oct 7, 2015. 9:58 pm (JST)

Konbanmikurin (((o(゚▽゚)o)))

Today was Haruppi-san's birthday show!!!!!!!!!!!

Haruppi-san seems cool when you take a good look at her, but in reality Haruppi-san is scatterbrained, cute and bright (≧∇≦) I love her!

Nevertheless, she gives advice to members occasionally. Knowing she's closely watching us, I think she's really amazing.

I'm glad that we were able to connect a lot today too, with her always calling out, "Mikurin!" She's a senpai who's so cheerful that you can't help but smile when you're with her!

I'm learning quite a lot from her regarding my facial expression during performances and how to express myself!

And, and tomorrow I have a test!
Haa~ I hate stressing out

However, during today's pre-test I got higher than the average so I should be ok, I think~ I'm have room to spare...(°_°)

But even with a buffer, you can't get careless, right!

Ok! Without wasting time, let's do it~!

Haa, I wonder what tomorrow's lunch will be...I'm looking forward to it (≧∇≦)Miku hates rice so it'd be nice if it were bread.

みくりんりん( ̄(工) ̄)
Mikurinrin  ( ̄(工) ̄)