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Friday, October 23, 2015

Seriously chosen apps from AKB48's Okada Nana - Part 1 - / Okada Nana Interview / Oct 23, 2015

„Now I’m studying with a Love-Tech-App (lol)“

This time in our interview, Okada Nana, who is known for her “Serious” Character in AKB48! She is one of the Members of AKB48’s popular next-generation, but what kind of Smartphone-life does she live?

First, please tell us an app you frequently use!

For News, I check “MERY – Onna no Ko no tame no muryou matome apuri” (Free sum-up app for girls) every day. It has many articles for girls, it’s recommended for girls who want to become cute or like cute things. It has many amazing information like stylish fashion, make-up, spots to go out, and many more!

Do you have an article that really interested you recently?

From now on, it’s the season of Autumn Leaves, right? When I searched a bit about it, I found in Ibaraki-Prefecture are many beautiful super beautiful spots for autumn leaves, so I want to go there.

For your age (17), talking about autumn leaves is really tasteful (lol).

And, I also checked an article called “Hidden Book-Café selection”. You know, I really like Cafés.

So, for days off, you go to Cafés alone?

No, I always want to go to a Café, but I’m not the type who goes alone… (Bitter smile). I always longed for the experience of going to a Café to read a book, but being alone is discouraging and lonely… So I think going to nice Cafés alone is a thing I can still do when I become a bit more adult.

But I think it would be okay if you went now… (lol). Do you have other recommended apps for news?

That would be “Gunoshii Entame News - Sports News – Free Manga – “. This one has news from entertainment, beauty, sports, etc., so I look at it whenever I have time. But what I read really often is a love-column. I’m reading a column about “Five techniques for dropping a man” (lol).

But AKB48 has a Love-Ban-Rule, right? Where do you use that technique?

If I have to do a Muchaburi like “Saying something moe to a fan” in a program, I study for this!

Serious! You are working on your female power for work.

Actually, my female power is really low (bitter smile). I almost never carry a handkerchief or a tissue, and it’s quite annoying. I don’t put my clothes in my closet and the floor of my room is really messy.

Oh, you have some unexpected sloppy points too… But, clothes often become messy, right?

I really love clothes. That’s why I enjoy looking at cute clothes that appear in auctions in an app called “Flea Market App – Okushon Yori Kantan Furima”, where you can do auctions for clothes. “It’s so cute, but yet it’s here”, I always think (lol).

Longing for nice Cafés, reading love-columns, getting excited about cute clothes, it really feels your female power is really strong! What is your ideal of a woman?

For looks and contend, it’s Taniguchi (Megu) from Team A. She has an excellent style and figure, she really feels like the perfect idol. At the 755-app, I always check her postings. Because she’s my Oshimen!

I can imagine you smiling while looking at 755 (lol). I feel like I got an impression what you are longing for from this talk about apps!

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