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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

KIV Shonichi / Miyawaki Sakura Mobame / May 17, 2016, 10:27 pm (JST)

Today was the opening performance~ ^_^

It's the first time I wasn't there for the shonichi of my team.
As expected, it's lonely... ^_^

I wonder if it's really okay for me to be the vice captain? lol
I think about that ^_^ lol

I'm relieved to hear that everyone had a nice start.
I'll try not to be cut off from the team...

I want to perform with them as soon as possible~ ^_^

そして、みんなの私のポジション予想が面白い…笑 まだレッスン何も出来てないけど…いやはや、あのポジション、
Also, it's interesting to hear everyone wonder about my position...lol. I haven't had time for a single lesson yet, but... no, no, that position, that unit...nah, no way...what about... lol

(I'm at that age when I like to lead everyone astray haha)

Here, have a picture of Maruchan in a some weird round position. (TL Note: This is a pun, since the "Maru" in "Maruchan" can mean "round.")