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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Miyawaki Sakura Google+ / Mar 24, 2016, 12:23 am (JST)

Good evening!

Today I submitted my candidacy for the sousenkyo!

For me, the sousenkyo is a life changing event.

Honestly, in the early days of HKT I didn't get many chances. Participating in my first sousenkyo completely changed everything. The people that changed my life were the fans.

When you're in the 48G, I don't believe that you're struggling alone. The fact that my fans are always by my side is immensely reassuring, and because of that I can do my best.

I want to proceed forward together with my fans for this year's sousenkyo too. All I can do it give it my all.

It may be something little, but having taken the first step of submitting my application, I'm thinking about how I can learn and acquire the skills and experience to match my seniors...
Even as I'm reexamining myself, I want to aim even higher in this year's sousenkyo.

Together with the fans who are always supporting me, I want to make the sakura bloom fully this year too.

I had a rehearsal today so I'm not really thinking straight, sorry for the weird post...

Well then, oyasuminasakura.

Sakura bloom!