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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Miyawaki Sakura Google+ / Mar 10, 2016, 10:27 pm (JST)

Good evening

I'm very sorry for causing so many people so much worry and trouble.

I had to rest for 4 days due to influenza.
Right now my temperature is back to normal and I've returned to my usual energetic self!

Because I was negligent in taking care of myself, I missed out on various work opportunities. It's inexcusable.

Thank you very much to Yuirii who had to take my place on a Team A performance so suddenly.

Having ruined my health, I became even more acutely aware of the people around me supporting me..
Everyone's warm words reached me properly. It gave me quite of bit of encouragement, and I thought that I had to get better even quicker. Thank you.

Also, yesterday was the release date of Kimi wa Melody!

I never thought I would be sick with the flu on the day of release... (._.)

君はメロディー、Make noise、混ざり合うもの、三曲に参加させて頂きました。MVにこんなに出演しているの、初めてかも…。嬉しいことですねっ!
Everyone, have you listened to it?
I'm in the three songs Kimi wa Melody, Make noise, and Mazaruaumono. It's the first time that I've appeared so much in PVs... It's something I'm happy about!

I have to hurry up and buy the CD too ☺️

I'll update 755 as usual starting from tomorrow!

Well then, to get ready for tomorrow, I'm going to go to sleep earlier. Oyasumisakura.

Sakura bloom!