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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tanaka Miku Google+ / Jun 16, 2016, 8:42 pm (JST)

Faced with the sousenkyo, let me write about my feelings one last time.

Everyone, there's only two days left...
Time passed by quickly (´・_・`)

Of course, I believe in my fans. During handshakes and in the comments of Google+, 755 and SHOWROOM...you all tell me that you'll definitely make me rank in!

Seeing those types of comments, I'm encouraged.

However, some of the comments also say because you entered the preliminary rankings, or you'll rank in when you're in high school, or if it's Miku, you'll be fine, stuff like that. Even though I try to not pay attention to those remarks, I still notice them.

I have a dream to rank in while I'm still in middle school..

Even though that's a wish that can only be granted this year, that's still my goal.
I think I'm too fixated on this year...I get that.

This past year, many things happened, a year packed with memories. Once again, I felt the extent of everyone's love to the point that I consider you all my family, cheering me up with your kindness.

Two more days...

Tanaka Miku's last push. Please.

Is it ok for me to be in senbatsu? Is it ok for me to stay in my position as I am now? I want to know for myself! It is said that the sousenkyo is all the fans' love...

I want to stand on that stage! There are things I want to say to everyone in my speech...
These were the last feelings I wanted to convey.

HKT48 Team H

Tanaka Miku.