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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

▶ The number of letters for "Thank you" is large. Minarun / Oba Mina Blog / Jun 20, 2016; 11:35 pm (JST)

大場美奈です^ ^
Good Evening
It's Oba Mina ^^

I read your comments on my blog regarding the Sousenkyo!
Everyone, thank you.
You thought so much,
and told me your feelings, 
so I want to tell you mine too.

I ran for this Sousenkyo knowing this will be my last one.
Not because I will graduate, 
but to achieve my next goal.
Not participating in this biggest event of AKB Group that is Sousenkyo has pros and cons I think.
But because I have another, clear goal, I will not enter next year's Sousenkyo if it's open to the members to decide.

First, I didn't want to say that it's my last Sousenkyo.
But if I hadn't said it, there would be people who would hope for next year and those who are fine with this year, so to avoid loose ends I said it.
I don't now if this was correct, but I think it was good that I said it.

22位 32,118票
This year's 
Rank 22 with 32,118 Votes
is a result that isn't a loose end for me and everyone I think.

すごく嬉しい。どう思われてもわたしは嬉しいし、きっとわたしを応援してくれてる皆さんも嬉しいね、って言ってくれるの知ってます^ ^
Do you remember?
When I stated the goal to enter SKE's Kami7 in Sousenkyo.
This year I'm the 4th highest member from SKE
I really entered SKE48's Kami7!!!
I'm incredibly happy. No matter what others think, I'm happy, and I'm sure everyone who supports me is happy too. They said it, so I know it ^^

My goal for this year was to enter the Senbatsu 16.
The wall was incredibly high, and last time I was 27th when I stated this goal, and because I was 27th it was a really strict goal. It wasn't easy, but since I hate to lose to my feelings and give up, I believed in everyone until the end. Whenever everyone was a bit timid and spoke out complaints, I gave new input. There might be people who get much closer when it's being put in words like this. But everything was taken care off!

時にはコイツひどいなぁって思われたかもしれない、この総選挙終わったら離れようなんて考えたかもしれない、それでも最後の総選挙一緒に乗り越えてくれた皆さんには感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。本当にありがとう^ ^
Sometimes people might think I'm a bad person, and thought about leaving me after this Sousenkyo, but I'm really grateful to all of those who followed me to the Sousenkyo despite all this. Thank you really much ^^

I didn't reach my goal, but
even though when my name was called I felt a bit frustrated for a second, when I walked to the stage, I was full of happy feelings.
During the event I was still thinking "This year I can do it!" (^-^)

When my name wasn't called at 27th, and the votes exceeded 30000, when I was looking to the front I could really see all of your faces.
This person, and this person, and this person... They really did their best, I thought. Even though my name wasn't called yet, I already felt like crying because of this victory.
I love everyone who is frustrated because we didn't reach the goal.
I love everyone who did their best for me.

For me Sousenkyo started in Undergirls, and it ends in Undergirls!
When I think about it from the start to the end, I'm surprised how much I picked up. lol
It's awesome I was able to rank 6 times, and from dropping to 27th last time to this time's 22th it's also great. This memory is almost too good for me.

ありがとうの気持ちは文字だけじゃ伝えられないから、これから行動や言葉にして皆さんに少しでもお返ししていこうとおもいます^ ^
Thank you really really much.
Because I can't tell my gratefulness only through words, I will repay all of you step by step through words and activities from now on ^^
So everyone who burned out completely and is about to leave, don't go yet, I will return it to you.

そしてこれから新しい目標である ”握手会の全会場完売” と ”SKE48の選抜になって、ひとつでも前のポジションで歌うこと” を皆さんと一緒に達成していきたいです!
でも諦めないよ!頑張る^ ^
今年1年 ”22位” という自信を胸に頑張ります!
これからも皆さん仲良くしてください^ ^♫
And I want to achieve my new goals of "Selling out the whole Handshake-Event-Venue" and "Entering SKE's Senbatsu and sing in a position more to the front" with everyone!
Selling out in Handshake-Events is really difficult, even more difficult than Sousenkyo I think.
But I won't give up! I'll do my best ^^
I will do my best with the power of this year's "22th"!
Please stay my friends from now on too^^

I turned over a new page by changing my hair-color!

Thank you really much.
I love you!
Oba Mina

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