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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

AKB Love Night Koikoujou Tanaka Miku Interview from LoGiRL

第15回 田中美久(友情出演)「卒業」

Episode 15 Tanaka Miku (Co-Starring) [Graduation]
Airs on TV Asahi June 8 (Wed), 25:41~25:56 
Question: Give me your impressions when you first read the script. 
Mikurin: It's the first time that "NakoMiku" has appeared in a love drama, so that was nerve-wracking, but because we got roles that match our personality it was easy to act out. However, looking seriously into a guy's face would always make us laugh, so both Nako-chan and I had to practice not laughing.
Question: Do you see parts of yourself in this character?
Mikurin: Things like how if we're taking a picture, Nako-chan would make a silly face but I wouldn't. Nako plays a girl that's energetic and cheerful, while Miku plays a quiet girl, so in that way I think the roles are quite similar to us.
Question: Please tell us about the highlights of this episode.
Mikurin: It'd probably be Rin's (Yabuki) and Yuuki's (Tanaka) friendship. You have to watch the last scene.
Question: Do you two have a strong friendship in real life too?
Mikurin: I think so. After the drama was set, Nako said, "If Mikurin wasn't here I wouldn't be able to do it." It was really cute, but it also made me happy.
しますよ! このドラマみたいに、もしふたりで同じ人を好きになっちゃったらどうしようという話はしました。好きなタイプが違うので、絶対そんなことないんですけど。
Question: Have you two ever talked about love?
Mikurin: We do! Things like, if we both fell in love with the same guy like in this drama, what would we do? Although, our types are completely different so it wouldn't  happen.
Question: This drama's theme is love, but do you have any other works about love you enjoy?
Mikurin: It's not really similar to this drama, but I do read a lot of cliched romance manga. It's common to lend and borrow manga from each other in my class.
Question: Please tell us about your first love. 
Mikurin: In kindergarten I liked my teacher. Unlike now, I was shy, so even during recess I would be alone. Then, that teacher told me, "Go play with everyone else," so using that as an impetus I became friends with everyone. That made me happy, so I came to like my teacher.
Question: So you like kind people.
Mikurin: I guess so. I like people who take the time to talk to others. Besides that, I also like people who try their best. Whether it's sports or studying, when I see people who are giving it their all I want to support them.

Source: https://logirl.favclip.com/article/detail/5744983676026880