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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tanaka Miku Google+ / Jun 18, 2017, 6:41 pm (JST)

こんばんみくりん( ̄(工) ̄)
Konbanmikurin ( ̄(工) ̄)

Today we had our photoshoots and interviews for the Mizugi Surprise!

I was really nervous during the photoshoot!
Surprisingly, I got a more mature swimsuit to wear compared to last year...!

I'm still not really used to wearing swimsuits...like, what poses are good...so I learned a lot by watching my seniors!!

As for the interview, now that a day has passed since the sousenkyo, we talked about what I thought that night as well as the impact on the future.

I acutely felt the weight of being 28th Place once again...
Everyone, I can't thank you enough!

There's probably people who can't come to see me in person but still supported me, or people who came to like me through SNS.
Because of that, from now on I want to have a steady stream of SNS coming, and with SHOWROOM, I'll try to plan ahead and not just talk!!

SHOWROOM is always a live broadcast, ! I'd also like to hear opinions from fans! I'll use that to improve! I'll do my best.

While we were going to work, I sat next to Naruchan and we talked a lot about Kumamoto! Have you been to so and so place? What about this and that place? Things like that...

Even though we're both from Kumamoto, she's not in HKT so it had a fresh and enjoyable feeling to it!

Now it's almost time to say bye bye to Okinawa. It's sad, but I'm almost sure I'll be back someday!

Okinawa, thanks, and bye! (TL Note: Mikurin is saying this in the Okinawan dialect)
I was seriously ecstatic to get 28th Place! (TL Note: This time, it's a pun involving "ureshii" (happy) and shiisaa (the Okinawan lion dog. Mikurin combined the two for "ureshiisaa")

I'm going to buy tons of delicious Okinawan snacks for my family!!!!

みくもんもん( ̄(工) ̄)
Mikumonmon ( ̄(工) ̄)