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Friday, December 2, 2016

Kitagawa Yoshino Blog / Dec 02, 2016 8:01 pm (JST)

My name’s Yokonyan (*^o^*)?  

Good evening ♪

This is my first blog post ♪ 
Yay~! *Claps claps*
So happy~ ♪(。∀。)

Before we begin, I’ll introduce myself first!!
I was No.45 during the SHOWROOM round
My name is 北川愛乃 (Kitagawa Yoshino) and my nickname is Yokonyan.
Age: 15 (1st year in high school)
Birthdate: 24th January 2001
Blood type: O
Height: 158cm
Birthplace: Osaka
I didn’t want to forget the all the memories and bonds I formed with everyone during the SHOWROOM round so I discussed with the staff and I was allowed to keep using the nickname ☆.。.:*・ Yokonyan ☆.。.:*・ that you all graced me with.~ ♪
So please remember me as Yokonyan alright?
It’s only been a month since the auditions ended but I’ve learnt so much already! I’ve been dying to talk to all of you so I was overjoyed the moment
we could use this platform 。。・゜゜

First of all, let’s talk about SHOWROOM shall we ♪  It is thanks to all of the passionate support I received from all of you that I have finally attained the dream that I’ve been chasing for ever so long, to be a member of SKE48 ♪
Having seen all the fervent fans on Twitter and SHOWROOM with the tag #よこにゃん45 it humbled me …>_<… Thank you all very much!! Please let me repay it all to you even if it’s just a little at a time (^▽^) 

The showcase performance during 59-members solo concert was a wonderful experience for me ♪ I was a nerve wreck before getting on stage but the moment I did, the huge arena coloured beautifully by the light sticks and loving cheers made it a very enjoyable time for me.  ☆.。.:*・ 
I was so overwhelmed with joy that I felt like crying (ノω・、) *sobs*
I will never forget the scene I saw on that stage. And it was a pleasant surprise when I could see your faces from where I was ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 

Next is regarding the handshake event in Port Messe Nagoya (*?▽?*)♪ I’ve been look forward for this for a very long time (*≧∀≦*)♪ I was so nervous at the start but everyone who came treated me dearly with open arms. I found out that the first few who came to meet me had been supporting me in SHOWROOM and Twitter and that got my excitement going. 
I really love having handshake events!! I hope to get to talk more with you from now on ☆.。.:*・

By the way, just the other day, Makino Anna-sensei came to instruct us in dance!
“Thank you very much!”
I could feel the spirit of SKE48 in me after having had the opportunity of such an invaluable experience. The 8th gen, including myself, are still not at a decent standard yet but we want to improve ourselves so that everyone who watches us will have this in mind “The strength of the 8th gen are so explosive!!” 
We, the 8th gen, will work even harder together from now on to chase after our seniors to inherit the SKE48 spirit that they have sculpted!!! Will you continue to support us???????

That’s quite a long post!! I’ve still got loads to talk about but I’ll save them for the next post.
My next post will be 6 days later on the 8th December!! Thank you all very much for reading till the end ♪
Well then ♪ 
I’ll do my best to make this an unforgettable day ♪

From, Yokonyan