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Monday, August 1, 2016

From the Staff / Miyazawa Sae Blog / Aug 1, 2016, 12:00 pm (JST)

To everyone who kindly supports Miyazawa Sae, thank you very much.
The stage "Ooke no Monshou" will finally start on August 3rd.
we have a favor to ask from everyone regarding this play.

スタッフ、宮澤佐江 より
We would like to request that you refrain from asking for Handshakes, Photos or signs at the entrance when visiting "Ooke no Monshou".
Also as result of this play, long waiting-time for transportation at the train-stations and at the entries of parking-lots around the Imperial Theater are expected.
At that time, we want to ask you to follow the manners so that you don't cause trouble to the general audience, nearby people, co-stars and the facility. 
We also would like you to be careful so you don't get involved in trouble or accidents.
In order to guaranty for your safety, we humbly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Furthermore, we are looking forward to see you and everyone at the theater.
By the Staff and Miyazawa Sae.