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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Miyawaki Sakura Google+ / May 3, 2017, 12:02 am (JST)

Good evening!

Today was my birthday show!

Thank you very, very much to those who came to watch it, those who watched it in the lobby, the people who watched it on DMM as well as the people who couldn't watch it live but are going to watch it later.

I once again felt that
a birthday show really is a marvelous occasion.

If I hadn't become an idol, I wouldn't have had so many people to celebrate with, so it really is something like a miracle. It's an inexpressible feeling.

I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but.
Seeing people who have been coming since a long time ago, and of course the people who come to handshakes and other events, just seeing their faces brought me such happiness and joy that the stuff I was thinking about pretty just flew out my head. lol

Nevertheless, I hope I was able to properly express my real feelings.

Once again, Aoichan, thanks for such a superb letter. I cried... lol
Aoi and I really became good friends since a long time ago and we've been in the same unit ever since! That hasn't changed, even now! Because of that, when I'm next to her I have a sense of calm and we work well together. Recently, we've even gotten to the point where we have serious talks together and it feels like we've both become grown ups. With Aoi becoming captain, she's also turned completely cool! I think she's amazing. She had the qualities of a captain before too, but I admire how lately she's become even more reliable. Thanks for everything.

Aoi's letter also reminded me of this, but lately I've been thinking that I'm not alone after all. Because we have our seniors, when we have setbacks, when we stumble, when we're not sure what to do, we still have people we can learn from. With members in the same generation, we have people who share the same conviction of not losing to anyone else, people that want to try their best together. Finally, with juniors, we're reminded that we can't only think about ourselves, we must support them too.

Because I'm in HKT, I'm able to enjoy [my days] from the bottom of my heart. I think it's the best group in the world.

If everyone wasn't here, then the me right now wouldn't exist either. I have nothing but gratitude.

I'm glad I was able to welcome being a 19 year old as an HKT member.

I'm delighted to have met all the fans and members.

Yeah, the birthday show really was like something out of my dream.

私は、ネガティヴ気味だし。笑 普段から自信があまり無いけれど、、
Even though I have a tendency to be pessimistic. lol Usually, I don't have much confidence in myself...

When the fans praise me, that becomes my confidence. From here on, it would be my blessing if you could keep supporting me. Please watch over me.

Oh yeah!
I'm also thrilled that the members who performed today are writing about me on SNS. It's only during a time like this that I can know how they feel about me, so that's another reason I like birthday shows! Thank you always! I love you all!

And, and!

Thanks to Shigechan for being the MC!
It's because Shigechan is here that I can continuously strive to be the best I can, even from here on!  From here and for~~ever!
Take care of me 

Good night.
Sakura bloom!